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The Idiot Brigade(TM) invaded Canada on November 22, 2002 for the Red Wings/Canucks game and general Jackassery(R). Here is some of the evidence:


The Idiot Brigade(TM) clockwise from back left: Krass, Twelfth Night, Uber-Dave, Gored Torso, Baphometsangel, and Fledermaus

Goddamn we're sexy.

The ritual pre-game sacrifice of a Canucks fan

Let the games begin

Then the drinking began and...

She's handi-capable

...I accosted our vision impaired friend, C-Ko

We are so the sexy

Then Baphometsangel molested me

We're white y'all!

THEN things got retarded

Hey, it's legal in the south!

Hey, that bull was asking for it standing around dressed liked that!

Act now and we'll throw in Gored absolutely free!!

Gored Torso finds his wheel

No really, we're here for the food.

They were only smiling because we were leaving

Mmmmmm, tasty.

Oddly enough, Uber-Daves' "accident" resulted in us discovering that the wings at Hooters' taste better when dropped into a pitcher of Coke


Attacked on the street by "El Gordito"

Rip Van Tinkle

This guy didn't even blink. We think he may have been dead for some time actually.

If it looks like a duck...

Don't ask

Dude, where's my dignity?

Me: May I take your picture?
Stoner: Sure man.
Me: You DO realize that this is going to end up on the internet.
Stoner: Are you going to give me some money?
Me: Sure.
Stoner: Well alright man! Let's do it!!
(I gave him $0.89 Canadian)

The "short" train

On the train ride home with "El Gordito"