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Hockey Night in Canada


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I've developed a habit of taking the train to Vancouver B.C. whenever the Detroit Red Wings come to town over the past 4 years. The pictures below are a mix of photos I took from our last 2 trips (2001). I only point this out to explain why in some of the photos the Wings are wearing their usual red road jerseys, but are wearing their home whites in others. Go Red Wings!!

Give us all your Molson!

Uber-Dave and I at Courtnall's bar. I LOVE that place!

Hockey chicks rule!

Pre-game at GM Place with Chenobie.

Damn yo! We's stupid!

Post-game drunken idiocy at the hotel with Uber-Dave and Fledermaus.

Not as ugly as the Canucks!

It gets worse before it gets better.

Jason Williams and Steve Yzerman

The Dominator!

Dominik Hasek


Brendan Shanahan


Chris Chelios

The REAL Russian Rocket!

Sergei Fedorov (my boy)

Better than his Dad

Brett Hull and Tomas Holmstrom


Igor Larionov

Lucky Luc

Luc Robitaille

The original Big Mac

Darren McCarty

THE Captain

Steve Yzerman

Bring Stanley Home!!