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ThreadWreckers Lounge


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If you are sitting there wondering what the hell a ThreadWrecker (tm) is, then you probably shouldn't be here.

"The jackasses were here!"

The mark of quality work.

Meet the ThreadWreckers:

The whiner's nightmare.

Back row (l-r): Kendra, Stryper666, Blackhappy, Krass
Front row (l-r): Tricelt, Tenashachor, Chrisrnps
(not pictured: Cynickal)

Have a nice day........not.

A typical ThreadWrecker greeting.

Some tell-tale signs that the ThreadWreckers have been at work in your area:

Is there an echo in here?

Stryper and Krass' mating call.


Trouble sleeping? May we suggest...

I'm going to hell.


Shut the fuck up Nyx!!


Ladies and gentlemen, Chad Cummings

Only Khlav Kalash!!